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There are several different Mortgage options available. Find the one that best fits your needs!


HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

A home equity line of credit is a streamlined way to get a loan against the value you have already built up in your home without having to refinance. At New Era, we have the expertise to help you successfully get a HELOC so you can access the equity in your home. Our HELOC mortgage experts will guide you throughout the application process, including determining the market value of your home.


Home Purchases

New Era Lending strives to make sure that you get the right home loan at the best rates based on your financial goals. Our home purchase process is suitable for both first-time home buyers and investors. We take pride in having a long track record of satisfied clients who we’ve help purchase their dream home. You can count on our professionalism and industry contacts to find the perfect loan for you and your family.


VA Loans

New Era Lending is proud to support our veterans and help them find the most suitable mortgage products to finance their homes. VA loans help you get the best rates with a minimal or zero down payment. Our experienced lending professionals are ready to provide you with the best service for your VA loans through our specialized tools and our extensive knowledge. All VA home loans we offer are backed by the government and funded by approved lenders.

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FHA Loans

FHA loan allow you to put the minimum down payment on a home at just 3.5%. Home buyers can qualify for FHA without having a good credit score or long credit history. Our team has the experience to help you qualify for FHA loans so you can turn the dream of living in your own home into a reality. We will guide you through the process of getting an FHA loan and make it hassle free.


Cash Out Refinance

New Era Lending can help you make the most of your home equity with cash out refinancing. We help you determine the value of your home and make recommendations based on your goals for cash back you will receive. We close most refinance loans in under 10 days and offer the lowest and most competitive rates available. Consult our team of specialists and find out what cash-out refinance rate we can offer you.

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First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time can be simple when you have the assistance of a reliable mortgage firm. We are here to make your home buying process fast, easy, and affordable. Our mortgage products for first-time home buyers are designed to help potential home buyers close on their new homes without the hassle of a complicated process. We have a variety of resources and possess the experience necessary to get you to the closing table with ease.


Self Employed

New Era Lending believes acquiring loans mortgage loans for self-employed individuals should be easy. We have a long history of successfully closing loans for self-employed clients and can guide you through the process seamlessly. We will qualify you correctly up front, so you know exactly how much buying power you possess. Our mortgage experts will help with collecting all the required documents for your loan application and will provide transparency thought the process.



The 1099 income loan program is specially designed for underserved self-employed borrowers who are 1099 workers. It is an ideal loan plan for independent contractors to obtain a home loan. Our team of professionals is experienced in providing these programs to self-employed clients. We use our strong network and resources to help clients acquire this loan and get accomplish their goals of home ownership.



A DSCR (Debt service coverage ratio) loan helps property investors to qualify based on their property cash flow instead of personal. We have the right team of professionals that can help you qualify for the loans. Our debt service coverage ratio mortgage service is specially designed, keeping the requirements of present-day real estate investors in mind. We have experience in assisting clients in acquiring DSCR loans and enabling them to grow their property portfolio rapidly.

Best Mortgage Rates

How can we offer low from the get go rates?

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Browsing real estate ads and navigating through legal documents in a foreign language, plus dealing with banks, insurance companies and property management companies, with different rules and procedures can rapidly become a daunting task.

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Competitive offerings

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Commission free experts

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